Glysantis™ is making use of the unique properties of a natural monodisperse nano-material: phytoglycogen extracted from sweet corn. The diameter of the nano-particles is in the range of 70 nm (measured by DLS) with a sharply-defined and narrow particle size distribution. This material is very similar to glycogen stored in human liver and muscle tissue and is completely biodegradable.

Nano-materials offer tremendous potential in pharmaceuticals. However, after much research, commercial therapeutic applications of nanotechnology have remained problematic because of a few key limitations:

  1. Many (perhaps most) synthetic nano-materials are toxic and also not biodegradable.  The nano-particles reside in the body indefinitely, making safety assurance very difficult.
  2. Many (perhaps most) synthetic nano-materials are not inherently water soluble.  A very high number of drug applications fail because of solubility problems – this is a serious limitation.
  3. Many (perhaps most) synthetic nano-materials provoke the immune system and are quickly attacked by it.


Glysantis™ has solved these problems by developing a new nano-material that is extracted from corn, is completely safe – even edible (in 2016, Health Canada approved it for sale as a food ingredient for humans).  This platform material (NanoDendrixTM) is a natural biopolymer that can be extracted in the form of completely uniform-sized nano-particles.  These particles have many unique and desirable properties that form the basis of Glysantis’™ business.


  • NanoDendrixTM is monodisperse
  • NanoDendrixTM is safe & non-toxic… edible and biodegradable
  • NanoDendrixTM is water soluble, and it is easy to attach other compounds (e.g. drugs) to the particle surfaces
  • NanoDendrixTM  does not provoke the immune system