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Ricky Ghoshal Promoted to Director of Strategic Development

Glysantis Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Ricky Ghoshal as Director of Strategic Development. Glysantis Inc., is a biotechnology company active in pre-clinical research & development of the innovative nanoparticle technology platform, NanoDendrix™.

“Glysantis will be driving forward to bring our suite of novel biomedical application quickly to the market,” says Phil Whiting, CEO of Glysantis. “NanoDendrix’s diverse application platforms offer multiple exciting therapeutic applications for the future. I am confident Ricky’s education and experience will help drive Glysantis to the next level.”.

NanoDendrix™ is a unique, monodisperse nanomaterial derived from Ontario sweet corn. These naturally assembled nanoparticles are safe, non-toxic, fully biodegradable and can be chemically modified. The physical characteristics, biocompatibility and safety profile of NanoDendrix™ makes it an ideal nanomaterial for use in biomedical applications.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to help lead Glysantis during this exciting period”, says Ricky. “I look forward to executing our growth strategy, while focusing on delivering best-in-class nanotechnology solutions for many exciting therapeutic applications”.

Glysantis Inc. is a Canadian biotech company with a commitment to the development of biomedical applications of NanoDendrix™. Our discovery pipeline includes applications in immunomodulation and targeted drug delivery.

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