NRC and Glysantis join forces to test innovative nano-material

Partners evaluating nano-particle NanoDendrix as vaccine adjuvant and drug delivery vehicle

January 14, 2016 – Ottawa, ON

Guelph-based Glysantis Inc. and Canada’s “go-to” research and technology organization are investigating the potential of the NanoDendrix nano-particle for biomedical applications. The up-and-coming Canadian life science company is taking advantage of the National Research Council of Canada’s (NRC) expertise and preclinical models to study how NanoDendrix could be used as a vaccine adjuvant, drug delivery vehicle, and medical imaging agent.

The first phase of testing will confirm the safety of NanoDendrix, as well as the nano-particle’s ability to reach targeted biological sites and be cleared away thereafter. Future studies will explore if NanoDendrix can successfully deliver chemotherapeutic agents directly to diseased cells or tissue, and confirm its therapeutic efficacy. The feasibility studies are of strategic importance in determining the most promising applications of the nano-particle for further development.

Quick Facts
Glysantis is a Canadian company specializing in non-toxic, versatile nano-materials. Its leading nano-particle, NanoDendrix, is a naturally occurring, monodisperse organic nano-material extracted from plants.
NRC’s Vaccines Program works with Canadian and international partners to develop vaccines against cancer and emerging infections. Our expertise in immunomodulation, analytics and bioprocessing enables the Canadian vaccine industry to harness advances in adjuvants, biomarkers and vaccine production.

“The development of new adjuvants and immunomodulators could have a major impact on the efficacy of many vaccines. The National Reseach Council is proud to participate in this innovative project with an up-and-coming Canadian life science company.”
Dr. Roman Szumski, Vice-President of Life Sciences at the National Research Council of Canada

“The National Research Council’s outstanding capabilities and deep expertise in areas of interest to Glysantis are an excellent basis for our preclinical research and development programs. We are excited about this partnership for the development of our technology.”
Dr. Thomas Engelhardt, President of Glysantis Inc.

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Dr. Phil Whiting, CEO
Glysantis Inc.

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