The use of nanoscale materials – comparable in dimension to some proteins, DNA, RNA, viruses and oligosaccharides – is rapidly progressing in diverse biomedical fields, including bio sensing, imaging, and drug delivery. Both the academic community and the pharmaceutical industry are increasing their investments in nanotherapeutics and billions of dollars have been spent on research & development in this field. Nearly 50 biomedical products incorporating nanoparticles are already on the market and many more are moving through the pipeline, with dozens in clinical trials.

Despite the enormous potential of nanomaterials in a wide range of applications, the adoption of nanotechnology has been limited by two main factors:

– The high cost of manufacturing synthetic nanomaterials
– The toxicity associated with synthetic nanoparticles

NanoDendrixTM, being a naturally occurring nanomaterial, provides a solution to both issues:

– Relatively straightforward and inexpensive “green” manufacturing process.
– Non-toxic, non-immunogenic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable nanoparticles.