NanoDendrix™ technology is based on monodisperse glycogen nanoparticles extracted from sweet corn. These nanoparticles are:

  • safe (certified GRAS)

  • biodegradable 

  • hydrophilic

  • temperature and pressure stable

  • easily chemically modifiable

  • Manufactured at scale 

Both of Glysantis' therapeutic candidates utilize the new biology or chemistry unlocked by NanoDendrix™ particles. See scientific publications below. 

The technology was originally discovered at the University of Guelph and commercialized by Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc., our parent company.

Click here for more information on the physical and chemical properties of NanoDendrix™ glycogen nanoparticles.

NDX molecular dynamics.png

Composed of glucose monomers

Highly branched dendrimeric structure

Diameter: ~45 nm​

MW: ~5 MDa (5,000 KDa)

A molecular dynamics model of a single phytoglycogen molecule (DeHaan, H., et al, 2018)