Glysantis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc (MBI), based in Guelph, Ontario.

Glysantis is governed by MBI’s board of directors comprised of Anthony Ali, Charles Herbert, Dr. Phil Whiting, Dr. Randal Chase and Greg Stewart.

Glysantis is under the leadership of MBI’s management team consisting of Dr. Phil Whiting (CEO), Greg Stewart (CFO), Dr. Anton Korenevski (Chief Scientist), Alison Crumblehulme (VP, Business Development), Trevor Jones (VP, Engineering) and Dr. Marty Kurylowicz (Director, New Product Development).

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As a pre-clinical R&D intensive organization, Glysantis has a scientific advisory board consisting of accomplished academic researchers.

Dr. Stephanie DeWitte-Orr is an innate immunologist and professor at Wilfrid-Laurier University. Understanding the innate immune signaling mechanisms underlying viral infections in fish and mammalian systems is the focus of research in her lab. Her research group is actively studying the immunomodulatory properties of NanoDendrixTM.

Dr. Lori Burrows is a microbiologist and professor in the department of biochemistry and biomedical sciences at McMaster University. Her research focuses on the virulence and motility of opportunistic pathogens like Pseudomonas aeruginosa with a special interest in emerging drug-resistant strains. Her lab group is actively studying the anti-infective properties of NanoDendrixTM.

Dr. Marianna Foldvari is a professor at the University of Waterloo’s School of Pharmacy. She is an internationally recognized expert in nanomedicine whose research focuses on drug delivery and pharmaceutical nanotechnology.