Glysantis’™ NanoGlys™ platform allows us to create innovative therapeutic concepts.  For example, we can create drug conjugates that are designed to target and penetrate tumor tissue and then selectively kill the cancer cells. We take advantage of the biology of certain solid tumor cancer cells by using the cell’s appetite for carbohydrates to increase uptake, leading to enhanced efficacy response.




The NanoGlys™ platform is at the center of Glysantis™ drug conjugates. These conjugates are comprised of a proprietary nanoglycogen particle as a drug delivery vehicle linked to a potent cancer drug. The nano-particle can be easily modified to enhance selectivity or pharmacokinetics. This concept enables us to develop a wide range of highly selective novel drug conjugates that accumulate and penetrate deep inside the tumor tissue and specifically target tumor cells.  Synergistic anti-cancer activity occurs based on the core component glycogen: the nano-particle enables high therapeutic concentration of the conjugates in the tumor; the small size of the conjugates allows for effective penetration of the tumor tissue; and the surface of the delivery vehicle can be modified to allow for specific binding to tumor cells and selective intracellular drug delivery.

With the NanoGlys™ platform as the foundation, it is possible to develop a range of drug conjugates to enhance the therapeutic capabilities of existing cancer drugs.